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CEO Succession

Choosing a new CEO is one of the most intricate and crucial decisions for the board of any organization. The decision-making is further complicated by the fact that most boards and committee members are rarely involved with CEO selection. Hence, JobsPlan has developed a dedicated line that steers companies to be confident and geared up for an orderly and successful CEO transition at the right time. We conduct CEO assignments engaging our highly experienced consultants, all of which have distinctive characteristics.

When selecting candidates for all senior leadership positions, best practice involves where the organization deciphers both internal as well as the external options. As a result, we always recommend and assist our clients to conduct a regular endeavour to assess and develop internal contenders who could one day lead the organization. And in the event that it proves necessary to launch an external search for a new CEO, we have the capability to access the best talent available for the role globally whilst respecting the highly sensitive nature of the assignment.

We share the below comprehension:

JobsPlan is distinguished in its ability to counsel organizations on the identification and development of both internal and external candidates with the potential to become future CEOs. Our global networking and manpower consulting gives rise to an unrivalled level of collaboration which enables us to quickly identify all qualified candidates wherever they are located.